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Zetsuai is certainly my favourite mangas of all and the anime also comes in my top 10. I can't really explain why. Probably because Kouji is everything I like in a man. And also because of the very intense emotions.

Kouji is a famous singer, wasting his life with top models and speed cars. Until the day he meets Izumi, a poor guy who dreams about becoming a football star. Kouji then realizes that all these years he has been in love with Izumi he saw years ago and thought he was a she! Though he decides to forget about this love, the feeling gets over him and he must face the fact that he's in love with a man, man who is not gay at all and is very bad tempered!

Though the plot can seem funny, the story is not.

 Jesus Christ Love for You

 Izumi (Cathexis - 19XX)

 Kouji (Cathexis - 19XX)

 Izumi (Zetsuai)

 Kouji (Zetsuai)

 Kouji (Zetsuai)

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