Natsue no tobira

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I'm a complete fan of Keiko Takemiya's old series. Though "Kaze to ki no uta" is my absolute favourite from this mangaka I never found a cel of it... -_-; "Natsu he no tobira" is my second favourite series from her, with the same taste of nostalgia for the violent loves of youth.
Marion is a handsome and very self-assured teenager, spending his summer holidays with his best friends. He's secretely in love with the cute Ledania but, since his mother is allways away with lovers, he can't stand relationships between men and women. Until the day he meets lady Sara, the gorgeous lover of a Count. She teaches him the way to love in a cruel adult game which will consume their lives.




 Claude is watching Marion in the barn

 Another shot of Marion's despaired run

 Marion punched during the fight
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