Kaze no na wa Amnesia

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A day like every others on Earth... Until the wind came erasing every human memories: names, relationships, language, skills. Men are like animals.
Wataru meets Johnny a bio-enginered boy who teaches him how to be human again and, before he dies, who sends Wataru to search for mankind's civilizations remains. On his way, Wataru encounters the strange and beautiful Sophia who seems to know a lot about what's going on. Together they travel, seeking for humanity's fate and pursuied by Guardian, a mad killer robot focusing on Wataru.

Strange plot, nice athmosphere, the anime is a little bit old now but is still wonderful!

 Wtaru drinving while speaking to Sophia

 Johnny teaching Wataru

 Wataru after the wind has come

 Driving not so safely

 Wataru after his battle against the mad robot

Curator: almathea
Gallery Created: 5/3/2004
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Presentation 8.26/10   Collection 8.71/10   Overall 8.54/10   Votes 43 votes
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