Ai no Kusabi: RIKI

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A future world led by a computer. Almost no women left for the computer Jupiter to stay the master and control the society. Position in the society is now a question of hair colour: Blondies are the best. Dark haired people are like crap. For those who contest Jupiter's authority, there's the slump: no citizenship, hard to live in.
The best of the worlds really.

In this world where emotions are kept aside, the strongest of the blondies -Iason Mink- meets Riki the Dark, a scoundrel form the slump. An improbable encounter, the birth of feelings none of them wanted.

Iason turns Riki into his pet, uses and abuses him, is obesessed with him, refuses to let him go. A love none of them say. A love expressing itself in dominance and rebellion.
A love strictly forbidden by this cold society.

When Guy, Riki's ex, becomes crzay with Jealousy, nothing, not even Katze or Raoul's wisdom, can stop these destinies to blaze...

Well, ok! This is one of my very favourite anime :p

Here are shots of Riki the Dark, the main character.

 Ultimate nude Riki

 Riki crowling in Dahna Bahn

 Riki goes back to Apathia

 Riki abandonned by Guy

 Riki sad

 Riki about being stab
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