Kaze to Ki no Uta

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Kaze to Ki no Uta was the first real yaoi manga, though the plot is quite complex, desperate and poetic.

Serge arrives at his new school during the 19th century in France. He is kind, loves playing piano, is a good student... And finds himself sharing the room of the most decadent of the students, Gilgert.
Gilbert is as goegeous as a fallen angel, he sells his body to other students or teachers to get services, he's rude and unpleasant...
Though these 2 young men find themselves attraceted to each other for the best and... mostly the worse!

This incredibly sad story is equally cruel and beautiful. And full of nostalgy for the passionate love feelings of youth. The manga changes something in you forever. Though the OVA is not so deep, the drawing is simply magnificent and the backgrounds are among the most beautiful and detailed I ever saw.

I only have 1 cel at the moment, but I thought it is so great that it deserved its own gallery!

 Serge learning he will have the best piano lessons

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