Sennen Jyohou

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Sennen Jyohou (aka Queen Millenia) is an anime very very important to me. I discovered it when I was 6 or 7 years old, and I can say that it is this very movie that drove me into Japanese animation. So I'm very touchy on the subject (never say to me it is not a masterpiece ;) )

The story takes place in the future (well, it was 1999 LOL), where a boy -Hajime- will discover that his lovely maths teacher -Yayoi- is in fact an alien woman from distant planet Ra-Metal.
Yayoi has just lived 1000 years on Earth with the title of Queen Millenia. Her role is to protect the planet and that is not hard for her as she deeply loves mankind. But as she's on the verge of returning to her home planet and marry the man she loves (Fara, general of the Ra-Metal armies under the direct orders of their chief Rarella), she discovers that Ra-Metal will invide Earth.
Ra-Metal is completely submerged by water, and the ecliptic plan of her movements takes it near the sun only a few months every 1000 years. The rest of the time, its people sleeps in coffins taken in the ice. But Ra-Metal will defitively quit the solar system. Which means eternal ice and death for its people. Their only option for survival is to come on Earth, but they are convinced that we are too brutal for a possible cohabitation...
Torn between her own people and the ones she protected for so many years, between her lover and her friends, the Queen will choose to protect Earthians and betray her kind.

Everything is set for a galaxy drama.



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